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Property Damage Claims Service

Property damage can occur to your business or your home. Incidents can be minor or catastrophic. When these happen, you not only want the support of someone who knows what to do, but you want that person to represent you.

Inspired Insurance Services assists with all claims from the time they happen. Our responsibility is to ensure you get the maximum benefit applicable under the policy arranged. We are there for you from the time of the first call, up until you either receive your settlement payment or open your front door and commence trading once again.

Catastrophic events do happen. The majority of businesses that suffer a catastrophic event don't survive. This has been proven to result from either no insurance or inappropriate insurance.  A claims process can be made a lot easier however, the importance at this time is the accuracy of the insurance program implemented in the beginning. Don't take shortcuts to save a few dollars when you purchase your insurance because one day those few dollars could cost you substantially more.

Liability and Workers Compensation Claims Service

Workers Compensation claims can be very costly to your business if not managed correctly. It is vital to stay continually involved with these claims ensuring an appropriate return to work plan for your employee.

Each State of Australia has their own requirements when placing your insurance cover and also when dealing with a claim. You need to understand what is expected of you as an Employer. Inspired Insurance Services has helped many clients over the years understand their responsibilities as an Employer and help their injured employees when they need it most.

Employees are a big asset of your business. They have lives outside of the workplace as well. As an Employer, it is important to understand that a workplace injury can create a very stressful situation for the employee. There are numerous additional considerations that may impact on a positive return to work and claim outcome. Inspired Insurance Services assists in understanding how to achieve the best outcome for your business so utilise our services and get your claims reviewed and improved today!

Motor, Plant & Equipment Claims Service

Usually, your vehicle is your business and is often even the office. It can be very stressful when your vehicle, plant or equipment is off the road or out of action. An appropriate insurance program can firstly remove a lot of the stress that occurs when your not working due to an accident.

Getting your vehicle, plant or equipment back to work is a priority. This is why Inspired Insurance Services takes the time to understand your business activities, implements an accurate insurance program and then walks you through the process when you need to make a claim.

Downtime is often profit. If you have had the various options of cover explained to you and elected to cover your business correctly, you would be in the same financial position after an accident as though it had never happened. Now that's peace of mind. You would not only be able to meet any financial commitments such as to financiers, but still have money in the bank to protect your personal financial position.

This has been the outcome for many of clients who have unfortunately experienced claims involving their vehicles, plant or equipment.

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