Plant & Equipment Insurance

Plant & Equipment insurance can relate to a whole range of items. From smaller portable equipment up to large scale Excavators and truck mounted drill rigs, the consideration of loss varies and so does the cover.
With multiple sections to the insurance cover and a range of optional policy benefits, you need to utilise the services of an experienced company such as Inspired Insurance Services. Sample businesses who have tailored Plant & Equipment Insurance programs consist of;
  • Landscapers
  • Domestic/Commercial Carpet Cleaners
  • Earthwork Contractors
  • Equipment Hire Businesses
  • Warehousing
  • Construction Industry
  • Oil/Water Drilling Companies
  • Mining Companies
With packaged policies on offer, you can generally combine your property insurance cover with your liability insurance cover on the same policy.
Many Plant & Equipment policies can also provide cover for the conveying vehicle and trailer of the equipment. Many smaller owner operators tow their mini excavator or bobcat on a trailer behind their road registered vehicle.

How can we help?

Your Plant & Equipment is a major part of your business so you need to ensure you are covered correctly. With cover being provided for items such as;
  • Earthmoving Equipment & Attachments
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Forklifts
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Trucks, Tippers & Trailers
  • Farming Machinery
  • Mining Equipment
Not only is the equipment a risk but so the business financials. Without the equipment operating, the business would not be benefiting from the income. With much of the equipment generally under finance, this is a big concern to you as the business owner.
Tailored cover considered by Inspired Insurance Services consists of the risk of equipment damage, financial loss, it's impact on the business and how to address this and your liability to others through the use of the equipment. Through our provision of information, you will know what position you will be in should an incident occur that you want to claim for. Contact us today to have your Plant & Equipment cover reviewed and ensure that you would be able to financially survive.