Other Insurances

Contract Works (Job Specific or Annual Projects)

You may be undertaking that small home renovation or be a builder who constructs multiple homes at one continuously throughout the year. There is a Contract Works policy to suit all of these requirements. Covering the project being undertaken; raw materials on site; tradesman tools; liability to others that come on site that shouldn't or liability to surrounding properties. In many States, combine this cover with Builders Warranty as even for a small renovation at home, without Builders Warranty you may not be able to sell your home! Don't get caught as the cover needs to be implemented before you start the work.

Event Insurances

From a school fund raising fete, a community Carols by Candlelight to concerts, sporting events and the large conference with an international guest speaker, Event Insurance can protect against financial loss due to circumstances outside of your control. For outdoor events, add pluvious insurance protecting you from reduction in potential income or even cancelation due to rain. Event insurance can protect against loss of income or cover those out of pocket expenses when your guest speaker, or the band, or even the sports star doesn't make it to your event.

Marine Cargo (Single Transits and Annual Cover)

While the title suggests 'Marine', this cover is also applicable to land transits. Either a specific transit or all the transits over a year, protection can be provided against loss, damage and contribution of compensation payments. Cover may relate to imports/exports or any sending where your product goes from point A to point B. From small $500 items being sent by post to $5,000,000 Plant being transported by truck, we have the cover options for you.

Personal Accident & Illness

While Personal Accident & Illness is an insurance cover Inspired Insurance Services can assist with, we focus on making you aware of the benefits and more so the draw backs of this cover. This cover can take the financial sting out when you suffer an injury or illness not covered by any other insurance but be aware, it can be detrimental to your long term cover options. Call us and we'll enlighten you as to the positives and negatives of Personal Accident & Illness insurance.

Voluntary Workers Compensation

There are a lot of organisations that utilise volunteer help. While their liability to others should be covered within your business General Liability, volunteers are generally not covered for injuries sustained while undertaking your business activity. To provide peace of mind to those that are in turn benefitting your business, we suggest you include Voluntary Workers Compensation in your insurance program.

There are also many other Insurance Policy covers that Inspired Insurance Services can assist with. If you don't see what you are looking for on these pages, don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements.

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