Home and Contents Insurance


The majority of us are fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads. So how do you know that when the unthinkable happens, you will be covered?

Inspired Insurance Services takes the time to understand your needs and your priorities.

We will strive to find you a competitive option whilst at the same time making sure you are appropriately covered.

Give us a call today and let's get serious about your insurance so that you can make sure you are protected.

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Landlords Insurance

Landlords Insurance is very similar to your own Home & Contents insurance. It does however come with some additional covers such as Theft By Tenant or Tenant Rent Default.

We all like to think that tenants living in our investment properties will take care of it. Unfortunately this isn't always the case and you really should look at the options to protected against the unknown.

Rental income is often used to pay the mortgage on the home. Wouldn't you want to ensure that this continues uninterrupted?

Ask us what options are available to you so you can appropriately protect your investment property.


Private Motor Vehicle

We rely so much on our motor vehicles for getting us around. It's important that when we have that 'bump', our vehicle is repaired quickly and we are back on the road.

Inspired Insurance Services not only researches and secures the most appropriate cover for you, we're there when that 'bump' occurs. We guide you through the process and remain involved in the full claim cycle until you are back on the road.

Are you certain your insurer will look after you during your repairs?

If in doubt, contact us today as you don't want to find out when that 'bump' happens.


Similarly to Homes and Motor Vehicles, there are large variations to pleasurecraft insurance. From the smaller aluminium runabout through to the ocean going launch. From trailered craft to penned in the marina. Motor driven, jet powered or the peaceful sail. Inspired Insurance Services can secure your insurance cover.

We establish where the craft is kept, how often it many be used, what equipment is on-board and what the purpose of the craft is to ensure the cover arranged is appropriate for you.

For a competitive review of your options, call us today.



For a few, that pleasure, exhilaration or just simplicity of being on two wheels can't be beaten. Motorcycles can be an easy and economical form of transport. They are also very easily damaged and repairs can be lengthy.

With a greater risk of something going wrong, motorcycle insurance can be as expensive if not more expensive than motor vehicle insurance.

Many policy wordings provide cover for the riders and their pillions personal belongings.

You want the confidence of knowing that when your motorcycle is damaged or stolen you will get your full entitlement in return.

Call us today and let us help you get protected.