Commercial Motor Insurance

Commercial Motor Insurance includes a variety of vehicles including:

  • Trades vehicles
  • Courier Vehicles
  • Stretched Limos and Private taxis
  • Any Vehicle over 2 tonne



If you rely on your vehicle being available for work and in most instances, your vehicle is essential for your business, are you confident that if your vehicle was stolen or involved in an accident, that you would survive financially?

Will the pay out in the event of a 'Total Loss' cover the finance you have on the vehicle?

How will you get your tools of trade to the next construction job and worse, what if your tools were still on the vehicle when it was stolen?

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Fleet Insurance

For those businesses that have a fleet of vehicles or trucks, managing those coming and going can be a full time task itself.
It's important to make sure each vehicle is protected and keeps moving.

We have the experience to assist in managing your fleet requirements. With specific policy amendments, we take the stress out of adding and deleting units. We also address the automatic inclusion of vehicle accessories fitted to purpose use vehicles. Quick recovery and quick repair helps to keep your vehicles on the road.

Options such as hire vehicles or down time cover help reduce the financial impact to your bottom line when a unit is either off the road following an accident or pending replacement following theft. Knowing the importance that the vehicle or truck has for your business is only part of the equation. Understanding how they impact on your business financials when not in use is also vitally important. Don't send your business broke with inappropriate cover or accept poor advice from someone who doesn't understand how important your vehicles are to your business.

Truck & Trailer Insurance

Truck insurance is similar to Commercial Motor Insurance although, additional attention is given to what is being transported; how often; what distance and who for. There is often a lot of responsibility implied to others when driving trucks or towing trailers.
Your liability to others is a major importance. Not only do you want to protect your own asset, you will want to protect your liability to others.
  • Have you been made aware of the variety of covers that usually support your Truck insurance?
  • Do you need to insure the trailers of others or the load that you carry for others?
  • What's the impact if you lose the load and
  • What's the danger with the load?
If you're not certain of the answer to any of these questions, you should contact us today to find out why they are important.
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